Jaipur is not just colours or tourism—it is an entire package of a 300-year-old legacy carefully and gracefully bound with its newfound metro status. Today, the Pink City is not a melee, but a union of all old and new—a place where the respect for royals exists in tandem with democracy.
Chennai, a coastal city of India, has an aroma of spices and a touch of salty-sweet air to its credit. One of the major political hubs of the country, Chennai has developed immensely over the years and is ranked among the top five metropolitan cities of India.
Delhi - Won by many but conquered by none—the capital city of India is the national hub of fun and youth. From Haat bazaars to chic malls, cycle rickshaws to metro-trains, historical aura to new-age life and even Lachha Parathas to Continental cuisines—it has something for everyone!
Hyderabad - Food, Bangles and IT; that’s the spirit of this City of Pearls! From being the richest native "state" of India in 1937 to being called Cyberabad on account of its flourishing IT-industry, Hyderabad has earned fame for a gamut of reasons including its rich cultural heritage and the Ramoji Film City.
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The "Garden City of India" is now the "Pub Capital of India" and the "Pensioner's Paradise" became the "Silicon Valley of India"! Bangalore, also Bengaluru, whose origins can be traced back to 900 A.D., is now ranked as a "Beta World City" alongside the likes of Boston, Miami and Munich.
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What's in a name? Bombay or Mumbai—it all means and refers to the same city made of seven islands. Considered the richest and the most populous city of the country, it houses almost all of India's skyscrapers and is not only the Financial Capital of India but also home to the Hindi Film Industry.
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Be it the Indian Struggle for Independence or contemporary politics, Kolkata always makes its presence felt as an important Indian city.Land of literary maestro, Rabindranath Tagore, this city is well known for its Durga Pooja festivities and sugary delights.
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Pune is known for its adolescence and freshness. Anciently known as "Punya Nagari" or City of Virtues, it is still well known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Its major feature of prosperity comes from the range of industries it houses. A perfect blend in a lot of ways!