Chennai Entertainment

Chennai provides you unlimited opportunities for entertainment. Check out the means of entertainment in Madras, Tamil Nadu.
Though Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities of India, it is quiet and relaxed, as compared to the lifestyles of all the other three. People are more content and composed, leading a hassle free life. However, that does not mean that the city is devoid of any action and entertainment. People here sincerely believe in, 'all work and no play make Jack a dull boy'. Therefore, the former city of Madras offers you all the means of entertainment for partying hard. Entertainment is the key, especially when it comes to weekends. People throng the amusement parks, cinema halls, discotheques and malls in order to take a break from the daily routine. So, in case you are in Chennai, get set to rock.

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks are important means of entertainment for the residents of Chennai city as well as the tourists. Though, there are a host of good amusements parks in Tamil Nadu, some of the best are located around Chennai. These parks are equipped with all the modern day facilities and gadgets.

Cinema Halls

Cinema is one of the most preferred means of entertainment in Chennai. The city even houses the Tamil film industry Kollywood, which is constantly churning out movies for the entertainment of the masses. The movies made here are mainly in Tamil language.


Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has a happening nightlife and a number of discotheques, to add to its glitz and glamour. These discotheques provide you an opportunity to set the floor on fire and have a rocking night experience. As the sun goes down, the spirit of the falling dark engulfs.

Shopping Malls

Chennai is a hustling bustling metropolitan city and is counted amongst the largest cites in India. Madras was an important trade center during the British rule and has been growing ever since. After the concepts of globalization and liberalization invaded the Indian markets.

Water Sports

Chennai is the capital of coastal state of Tamil Nadu. The city, being in the vicinity of the sea, is a paradise for water sport lovers in India. It offers a wide variety in terms of adventure activities, right from parasailing to scuba dining and from fishing to boating.