Chennai Clothing

What to Wear in Chennai

Given below is the information on what clothes to wear in Chennai. Know more about how to dress up in Madras, India.
Chennai city is one of the fast moving cities of India, with increasing developmental pace. In case you are wondering what clothes to wear while visiting this metropolitan city; keep in mind that the people in Chennai are very simple and believe in leading a simple life. They are very traditional and particular about their customs and value system. They strictly adhere to the age-old religious and social practices and obey them with utmost sincerity. It's their cultural legacy and they are extremely proud of it.

This is even quite visible from their conventional style of dressing. As the climate in Madras is usually hot, the best preferable fabric to wear there is cotton. The lighter your clothes are, the better it is. Women are respected and given high regard in South Indian families. As a result, most of the women wear saris, with exquisite designs and flowing fabrics, further enhancing their traditional Indian beauty. Men usually wear a dress called veshti (lungi) and shirt.

However, due to the modernization of Chennai, people are seen wearing fancy and western attires at times. Western wear is not very popular except the urbanized areas. There also it is quite limited. Thus, if you are still wondering how to dress up in the city; just remember that your clothes should be comfortable and light, so that you can beat the heat. Besides, they should be decent and not too revealing.