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Ansal Plaza

Ansal Plaza

Ansal Plaza is a shopper's paradise in Delhi. Check out more information on Ansal Plaza in New Delhi, India.
A part of HUDCO Place built on 35 acres of land, Ansal Plaza is a shopping complex situated near South Extension, one of the posh markets in New Delhi. The Plaza complex competes with the best international shopping complexes in the world in its architectural splendor, aesthetic details and shopping experience. It provides comfort and variety to the customers. One of the finest malls in India today, Ansal plaza has made shopping much more enjoyable than before.

A perfect hangout destination in Delhi, it is built in a circular fashion around an amphitheater with a center stage. Different cultural functions are organized here from time to time, such as fashion shows, live band performances and performing arts to promote the retail area. One can access the retail floors of the complex through lifts and escalators. The 45-feet high atrium with a French glass curtain wall that filters out ultraviolet and other harmful radiation is visually appealing.

The second and third floors of the complex house corporate offices and are accessible through elevators. The twin-level basement car parking area can accommodate 700 cars while another 300 cars can be parked on the ground level. There are water cascades and fountains all around and corridors, passages and lobbies of the complex are laid with granite and marble combination flooring. Easy accessibility, environment-friendly design and ample infra-structural facilities make Ansal Plaza, the best shopping complex in Delhi.

The surrounding area of the mall is beautifully landscaped with plants and fountains. The mall offers a climate-controlled environment which creates a comfortable setting for shopping. Modern technology and effective planning has rendered shopping spaces airy, light and easy to navigate. Everything here is designed to pamper the buyer with quality as well as quantity. Complete with an amphitheater, a shopping complex, twin level parking and best of the brands, this is one place where the entire family can have a shopping spree and enjoy.