Information on Hyderabad City

Information on Hyderabad City

Read about the detailed information of the Hyderabad city. These facts about the city will give you a brief picture of this ancient city.
Before traveling to Hyderabad city it is better to get an over all picture of the city so that you can enjoy the tour of the city to its full. These details of Hyderabad will help you in understanding the sights and places, which you will visit as soon as you step in the city. You can relate your recent past learning with the variegated glances that you view all around the city of Hyderabad.

In our related sections you will get information on the location of Hyderabad city, which may not seem to be important to some people but some may find it interesting when they travel to the city practically. The information on climate is of course necessary so that you can experience a pleasant journey. A brief reading of the history of Hyderabad is necessary so that you get a clear picture of the political turmoil of Hyderabad city.

To know the socio-cultural and religious facts of Hyderabad read the chapter on festivals of Hyderabad. The Hyderabadis celebrate some typical festivals besides the general Indian ones. Another interesting part of this section is the delicious cuisines and the extended shopping which anyone visiting to Hyderabad even for one day in sure to do. These delicious traditional cuisines described here should be enjoyed on the conventional 'nawabi' 'Dastarkhan'.

And while picking up those endless unique Hyderabadi or in a whole Andhra Pradesh items be careful that you don't miss out the equally interesting sightseeing schedule of Hyderabad city.

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