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Mumbai People

Mumbai residents are known as Mumbaikar or Bombayite. Know about the people and lifestyle of Bombay, India.
Mumbaikar or Bombayite is the term used for the inhabitants of Mumbai. Similar to the people in other parts of India, Mumbaikars are lively people, who live life to its fullest. Mumbai has a transfusion of various communities, following different religions and customs. It is an excellent example of synchronization between people, who have come from diverse regions. As the Island city has a profusion of work, people have migrated here for finding jobs or setting up business.

Being a metropolitan city, Mumbai is both technologically and industrially advanced. Despite the fact that people have adapted themselves to the contemporary lifestyle, accustomed with gizmos and gadgets, they are deeply enrooted in the traditional values and principles. The people are God-fearing and respect their religion, but it doesn't mean they are orthodox. If they enjoy going to their places of worship, they equally enjoy going to pubs & discos.

Mumbai is the fifth most populated city in the world. And this crowded city glitters day and night. Like any other big city on the planet, the people of Mumbai live a fast-paced life. They are dedicated towards their work and at the same time, leave no excuses while enjoying parties and festivals. In short and snappy terms, Mumbaikars are really nice people, who are living fast life, yet taking pleasure in each and every moment.