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St. Michael's Church

St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church is an ancient place of worship in Mumbai. Read about St Michael Church of Bombay, India.
Location: Mahim, Mumbai
Kind of Church: Catholic
How to Reach:
One can easily reach St Micheal's Church by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

St. Michael's Church is amongst the oldest Catholic Churches in Mumbai. Seeing the sway of two major colonial powers - the British and the Portuguese, churches were constructed throughout the country. Sited in the Upper Mahim area of Mumbai, Saint Michael Church heralds the foundation of Christianity in India. The church is believed to have been constructed in the early 16th century. However, the printed documents authenticate its existence to somewhere around 1565.

When Bishop Hartmann lost his control over the church in 1854, he collected resources and constructed 'Our Lady of Victory Church' in the vicinity of St. Michaels. In the present day Bombay, both the churches are still present at their respective sites. The present structure of St Michael Church was reconstructed in 1973. Nowadays, this church is notable for its Novenas that take place on Wednesdays.

St. Michael's Church, being the catholic legacy of Mumbai city of India, is keeping pace with the changing times. Catholic devotees congregate at the church to attend the daily sermons and prayers, which are held here. During the festive time of Christmas, the church is decorated in the most sumptuous manner. People from all faiths and religions assemble to take part in the celebrations and revel at this occasion.