Mahalaxmi Racecourse

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Mahalakshmi Racecourse

Mahalaxmi Racecourse

Mahalakshmi Racecourse is a famous horse racing ground in Mumbai. Check out Mahalaxmi Race Course of Bombay, India.
Location: Mahalakshmi, Mumbai
Attraction: Horse races
How to Reach:
One can easily reach Mahalaxmi Race Course by boarding buses or trains, or by hiring autos or taxis from the city.

Mahalakshmi Racecourse is actually an elite horse racing ground in Mumbai. This oval shaped ground is to be found in the Mahalakshmi area of India's commercial capital. Leased by the Bombay Municipal Corporation, Mahalakshmi Race Course is run by the Turf Club. Here, you can see most of the upper crust enjoying the horse races in their exclusive attires. And you might even get the chance to sit besides the hottest celebrity or some industrialist with your lucky entry pass.

The season for horse racing starts in November and goes on till February. However, the Derby that is held annually on the first Sunday in February becomes the most awaited event in the presence of city's landed gentry. Amidst the glitterati, the ground develops into a condescending place where grandeur and extravaganza get the high point, along with hardcore punters making the entire occasion really exhilarating.

'Gallops' is a lavish restaurant in the precincts of the racecourse that is usually occupied by affluent people all through day and night. Its interiors have a bucolic charm about them; it also reminds one of the imperial palaces with light fixtures, curtained elegant carriages and bolts lining the wall and roof. This restaurant doles out Punjabi cuisine on top of Western Cuisine. Besides food and desserts, you can also indulge in the finest wine and beer.