Clothes to Wear Mumbai

What to Wear in Mumbai

Here is information about what clothes to wear & how to dress in Mumbai. Check out the dressing style in Bombay, Maharashtra.
Mumbai is the most-sought after destination in India, attributable to the glamorous silver-screen and the business hub. Another reason could be that it is a major international doorway to the spiritual country. People visiting this glittering city for the first time must be pondering as what to wear and how to dress up here. Candidly speaking, Mumbai's 'bindaas' attitude evidently appears in the clothes people wear.

Here you can find girls wearing the outfits of the latest fashion. Even boys are not behind in dressing themselves as per the current trends. In fact, you can find the replica of Hrithik Roshan as well as Kareena Kapoor in their newest movie clothing while walking through the streets. So don't get confused, it is just about fashion in Bombay. People tend to garb in the hottest fashion clothes as soon as they appear in the market.

Mumbaikars from old age group wear very simple dresses, which could be sari or suit for women and kurta-pyjamas or shirt-trousers for men. All types of clothing are acceptable in Mumbai, be it traditional or most-modern. However, one should wear what he/she can carry in a better way. It's always preferable to dress in a decent manner, so as to avoid any unwanted attention. Since Mumbai is located on the coast moreover in the tropical region, it is always warm and humid.

One should prefer wearing cotton clothes that can absorb the sweat and make you feel comfortable. Throughout the year, cotton clothing is all you will need in Mumbai. Girls can team t-shirts or kurtis with jeans or capris or shorts. For boys too, t-shirts, shorts and jeans will do. Pack a pair of slippers or sneakers to dress your feet. Mumbai is hot and muggy for most of the time, so prefer wearing light cotton clothes.